10Feb 2016
I decided to hire Ilford Removal Service for my move after a friend told me about their services. I needed someone to help me shift my furniture to my new home, and my car just wasn't big enough for the job. I got a great deal on a man with a van. Both were exemplary and I'm really pleased with the service, the quality and the price. A great moving service!
Anthony C.
08Apr 2015
My moving day was something I wasn't just unprepared for, it was something that I was completely dreading! Hiring a professional service was the only solution to my problem, and after asking my friends for recommendations, I learned about IlfordRemovals. They sounded like the experienced and affordable company I'd been hoping for, and after hiring them I can say that I was just so impressed! My friendly mover worked very, very hard to help me get to my new property in a timely fashion, and the help and assistance given with moving my fragile good didn't go unnoticed!
Yvonne Myers
17Mar 2015
Being my first house move, I was initially overwhelmed with the amount of work that needed to be carried out. I was willing to accept help and assistance from any angle, so when I heard about IlfordRemovals and their low prices, I came a running. Help was at hand in the form of their removal team, who took care of all the strenuous work so that I didn't have to. Their effort and work won't be forgotten and I'll most certainly keep them in mind if I ever need a removal company in the future.
Jim B.
27Feb 2015
I used IlfordRemovals for moving furniture from my storage unit to my shop in a nearby town. I used this company twice a year for this type of service and always have excellent results. They did a super job for an affordable cost. Nothing was damaged or scratched. The furniture was treated with care and it all arrived safely and in good condition.
Walter B.
18Sep 2014
Do you find moving stressful and at times, just a nightmare? If you do, then I recommend hiring IlfordRemovals for removals. They handled my house move for me and transported all my stuff to my new home. It was such an easy move and I couldn't be happier with how easy it was. Therefore, if you need good removal services I definitely recommend hiring this removals company because they are the best I have come across in a long time.
Sarah J.
13Aug 2014
I ended up arranging a move in double quick time after the selling of my home progressed very quickly. IlfordRemovals was the first company I contacted but I was impressed by what they had to tell me. The price they quoted me was very reasonable indeed so I decided just to go ahead with them. It all went very well, they helped me a lot because I was still rushing around up to the last minute. I was wary of being charged anything extra but that didn't happen which is another plus in their favour. In fact, this company ticked all the boxes as far as I'm concerned and I've already recommended them to other family members who are moving soon.
Simon D.
25Jul 2014
I'm a bit of a hoarder, and though I recently cleared out my house and got rid of a lot of stuff, there was still a lot of things I wanted to keep hold of! Storage space in my home is limited and so I started to look for a storage solution that was affordable and big enough for my needs. IlfordRemovals provided me with a great storage unit that's water-tight and guarded 24/7 with a high-tech security system. I know that my belongings are in safe hands and I don't need to worry about hidden costs or sudden price hikes! This is a really reliable and professional storage company, five stars from me!
George H.
26Jun 2014
Dreading moving home is just one of those things I guess. You get really stressed out and then everything goes wrong and you end up sweaty and annoyed. That's how it's always been for me in the past. It was like that before, which was why I was determined to find the best company to make it easy this time. IlfordRemovals were the ones who kept coming up in conversation so they were the ones who I called. It turns out that the rumours are true and I am happy to report that I am now officially, happily moved.
Timmy Wilson
11Jun 2014
I can only apologise to IlfordRemovals that it took quite so long for me to get round to writing this review. IlfordRemovals helped me move to a new house in the West Country two months ago. They really were absolute troopers, not stopping until every last bit of my stuff was transported and unpacked. I am so grateful for the help they gave me! Nothing was a problem for them - not bulky white goods, nor endless boxes of trinkets and CDs. These guys take pride in what they do and it really shows.
Belinda Rush
21May 2014
IlfordRemovals were simply superb. We ended up running a little late, but they didn't mind - and what's more, they helped get us ready, meaning we started not much later than we intended. Big thumbs up from the word go, then! The movers who helped us out were incredibly friendly and forthcoming with help and guidance - they left no stone unturned in their quest to ensure we were totally satisfied. And believe me, when they finished we were! Really top stuff guys - do yourself a big favour and use them if you have moving needs!
Roberta Billings
08May 2014
Having never really had much to do with removals in the past, I was very happy to be involved with the one I did recently, as we were using a great team. They were form a company called IlfordRemovals and they did an amazing job all round, which really did make everything a lot easier overall. I was amazed at how easily they got such a high volume of stuff shifted, and how safely it all went through! Nothing got broken, and it was panic free and easy form the beginning. Amazing work.
Tyrone Pope
03Apr 2014
When I needed a man and a van I called IlfordRemovals to see if they could help me. The person I spoke to was very friendly and explained all of their services to me, suggesting the ones that might be best suited to my needs. I was very happy with the way I was treated, as I felt like a valued customer which is a rarity these days! I hired a team of movers who were very efficient and also very friendly. They helped me with all of my moving needs and didn't cost me too much money either! I don't know how I would have coped without the professional help I got - thanks so much!
Phillipa L.
19Mar 2014
I wanted to make sure that I had the best help going when I was moving house. I asked around a few people I know had been happy with their move and did some internet research and there seemed to be a consensus. When you want the best moving experience, everyone told me, you go and see IlfordRemovals. And that's how it went. I called them up and from the start, they gave me a great quote. On the day of the move, everything went exactly as planned, and I was amazed at their efficiency. Definitely the best movers.
Patricia Alexander